It’s A Great Day To Make Your Own Decisions..

I feel like the universe is challenging me on purpose today..  I can feel the vibes of other people being passive aggressive and angry at me for situations that have nothing to do with me.  I’m not your crappy relationship, I’m not your homework, I’m not your problem, I’m not your job, I’m not your child, I’m not your father/mother, I’m not your ego, you’re just transferring and I’m not having it, or wanting to listen to the same bullshit you’ve been feeding yourself for the past ever.  I don’t ask you to listen to me, nor do i expect you to, or would i ever want you to in the first place.  I like to fix my own shit because only i can truly do that.  RuPaul said it best, “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else, can I get an amen in here?”  It’s no ones responsibility to make sure you feel loved, that’s your own issue so stop getting upset about things you have the power to change.

Stop bs’ing yourself and start loving yourself.

With that said, I’m going to put my energies, love, and joy into my own night so that when others see me, they’ll feel what I’m feeling and then in return spread it on to others.  Love never hurt anyone, learning the difference between love and bs is another story. 

Man, that felt good, pretty sure I was just talking about myself this whole time, it would explain my shitty attitude the past few days.  Sometimes I just have to feel all my feelings until there’s nothing left to feel and I’m good again.  Tonight.  It’s gonna be GOLD. 

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